They are the most sadistic Government on the planet!

December saw the Conservatives returned to government with an enlarged majority. Although not in Scotland. Scotland has never returned a Tory government to Westminster since the mid-fifties.

A chilly Friday morning saw Boris Johnson elected Prime Minister of England, possibly Wales; not sure if Wales elected him and quite frankly, I do not have the time, nor do I have the energy to even research. What I do know is; the people of England put this piece of shit in power and celebrated – okay, not all but the majority.

With the festive celebrations over and the imminent exit from the European Union, the peoples of England got ready, their big red faces willing. They could not wait to get their freedom back. And they most certainly could not wait to get shot of all those immigrants who were taking their jobs.

Now three months on and, where are they?

England elected the most incompetent government money could buy, a Prime Minister whom upon his return from illness should get shot of that idiot Cummings, a Health Secretary who has blamed those on the frontline of the ill-use of PPE. Hancock really should be ashamed of himself, however, Tories do not do shame. We have an acting Prime Minister who does not believe in Human Rights and thought money for the NHS was a ‘Childish Wishlist’ And I haven’t even started on the Home Secretary yet. I need to calm the hell down before I even speak of ‘Smirky McSmirk face’ And her shameful words.

We are in the middle of a pandemic with the most horrific party at the helm. If there was ever a disaster; this must be it. A party of elitist morons who have no concept of anything and cannot see past their own importance. A party whose inaction has cost lives and has been lain bare for all to see. Contracts given to their cronies who did not and never could deliver the goods, “If some pensioners die, too bad.” Alleged to have been implied by Dominic Cummings, that eejit who has access to the Prime Minister. Perhaps if Johnson had not listened to Cummings advice, he would not have ended up in intensive care.

Now the blame game has begun, then again it was always on the cards. The Tories do take the blame for anything – they would rather blame others. Next they will be blaming those who died, for having all those underlying issues they keep harping on about. And don’t get me started on the useless media. Now moaning because their career is in real trouble. They did this to themselves. This pandemic has lain bare just how manipulative the media have been. The agenda there for all to see. They pushed Johnson and his cohorts into power. And now they themselves are at the mercy of a virus that does not discriminate. It can wipe them out, just as it is wiping those who cannot fight it.

Now lockdown is having a real affect on those who were happy to demonise their fellow citizens who were on Universal Credit. The shirkers as they were known. Or those using a foodbank, who had a cash-flow problem. Now those who have lost their jobs due to the shutdown, or those who were self employed are now finding that the Tories they voted for all these years don’t give two flying-figs about them. And if you think all this money that they have found under that great big money tree will not have to be paid back at some point. Then you are in for a very rude awakening. But never fear. It will not be the toxic Tory who will have to repay. It will be the most vulnerable, the unemployed, the sick and the disabled. Only this time, you might find yourself on the wrong side but don’t worry because there are still good people out there who will help you. They just won’t be Tories, or their supporters.

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