Those active on social media will know the term ‘twitter jail’ or ‘Facebook jail’ etc. this happens when tweets and posts that have offended others have been reported to the social media police. Are they valid, yes, some are, however most are taken by the hierarchy because the individual has posted information that may be ‘harmful’ to others – well to the government, or the media?

Some have had their whole social media deleted on the whim of some over zealous moron who sits in their bedroom trolling Facebook and Twitter on the lookout for things they do not agree with and upon finding said offensive tweet trot off to report knowing the individual may have their Twitter closed down, or suspended. And the little troll trots off to find his or her or their next unsuspecting victim.

Those are merely small fish in the big pond of censorship. For some time, people who have done nothing but merely express an opinion are finding BIG BROTHER is watching. The censorship police out in force, ready to pounce. Of course, if individuals are using threatening behaviour, or impersonating others. Then yes, they deserve to have the platform upon which the offence is taking place removed, that goes without saying. However, the censorship police have been out in force of late. Shutting down anyone who disagrees with the elitist narrative. They shut down anyone who questions what is really going on in relation to Covid-19.

David Icke’s interview with the London Real was removed in just three hours after it was posted. What does that tell you? You may not agree with Icke, but in a free society we should be able to hear what he has to say – freedom of speech in the United Kingdom does not exist; well not in the form it should.
“The UK does not have freedom of speech. At least not in the same way that e.g., the US does in its first amendment. The UK did incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights into law in 1998, and this guarantees the Freedom of Expression. But there are a large number of exceptions.”

Freedom of expression, we do not even have that now. Not with our peers only too happy to rush off and press the report button. French philosopher, Voltaire once said: “I do not agree with what you have to say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.” He certainly believed in the freedom of speech; it is just a pity those easily offended did not take a leaf out of his book.

The freedom to say what you wish without some little troll rushing off to tattle-tail; grass or as we say in Scotland; clype. Is gone. Political correctness has gone absolutely mad, now the ‘crazies’ do not have to use draconian measures of censorship. Not when they have idiots who feel so slighted that they must stop others from speaking. What happens when they run out of people? Who do you think the ‘crazies’ will come after then – yes, them and there will be no one around to help because they have chased everyone away with their stupid offensive behaviour?

Their sense of entitlement knows no bounds, no one has the right to deliberately hurt others, that said, people should have the right to say what they wish within the law. We do not need the internet police, all we need it a bit of common sense, calm the hell down and grow the hell up before the ‘crazies’ take complete control of the internet. Believe me, they would like nothing more than to control what we see, what we hear and what we do.

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