Do you think for yourself? or do you have the government do your thinking for you?

I can think for myself! How many times have we said this? To our parents, to our peers, to ourselves. But do we really? When was the last time we thought for ourselves?

What are your thoughts on this pandemic? Do you know where it came from? China, is that the answer you gave? Can you be sure it came from China; did you see it coming out of China – if you did not see it coming out of China, then how do you know that is where it came from? Who told you? The mainstream media, did they tell you it came from China? The Government, did they tell you?
Yes, of course they did, but how to you know, did you research for yourself, or did you just believe what you are told no questions asked.

The media told me; therefore, it must be true. But ask yourself this. How many times have the media lied, how many times has a government lied? Am I saying the Coronavirus did not come from China, no. All the evidence I have researched points that way. That said, do we know why it escaped? Do we really know what it is and why it is here? Is there an ulterior motive to this, was this virus used to shut down the global economy and if so why?

When has any government been on the side of the people?

While most of us are self-isolating, or to put it cruder, under house arrest and with the police given emergency powers to arrest anyone who is not adhering to the new laws the UK government have brought in to control the masses.

Who gave them permission to bring in those draconian powers? I thought they worked for the people. Did they come to the people and say, “Hay, we’re going to take away your freedoms but you will only realise when it’s too late because you follow orders because you are too stupid to question anything?” of course not, if they had come to the public with their true intention they would have gotten a quick sharp shift. The Coronavirus Bill makes some reading, especially for those with mental health issues. Have you even bothered to read it – or are you content to put your life and the lives of your children into the hands of sociopaths? People who do not and never have answered to you. They answer to the less than 1%. Whatever those ‘Crazies’ want they get.

While you have been under house arrest, sorry, lockdown, they have been laughing, some all the way to the bank. Like ex pop star, Victoria Beckham, whom it is alleged has taken advantage of the government scheme and has every taxpayer in the country paying the wages of her staff, even although she is said to have millions in the bank. Nice isn’t it?

While you are going off you head on lockdown the UK Government has gone about killing your relatives, their inaction has caused lives. So, what do you think of that, are you able to think for yourselves? Do you think they are just incompetent, or do you think this is something more sinister? Bearing in mind these psychopaths hate the poor, hate the disabled and wish people i.e. you, to work until you are well into your seventies; either that or you are dead, either way will be good for them.

Are you getting it yet, are you able to comprehend that these evil people have not sent for PPE because they would like nothing more than for you to shuffle off the planet? They have closed industry, yes, because of the pandemic, but more importantly in order to crash the economy and take the wealth of the middle class. No more small businesses, no more self-employed. They had planned another global financial crash, now it looks like they crossed two birds with one stone. People are dying, yes, and may they rest in peace. When this is over what will you do, will you go back to what it was like before? Blindly going about your business – or will you keep your eyes and ears open. Will you read between the lines? Will you go behind the headlines and see what is not being said? Will you keep an eye on what the psychopaths are putting through parliament?

Most have had a real taste of what it is like to be on the wrong side of the psychotic government, with their psychotic rules. And the fact that your money belongs to them and woe betide you if you were ever to need it.

I will ask you again, do you think for yourself, or do you let the government and media do your thinking for you? When you see sensational headlines, ask yourself two questions, why are they telling me this and what is their agenda behind it. Believe me, they will have one.

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