A Matter of Time

A matter of time.

With the relaxing of the Covid rules due to take place on July 19th in England it was interesting to witness the reaction of those on the social media platform Twitter. Able to remove their face covering you would think people would be only too pleased to do so. Not so if tweets were anything to go by.

Kate Wilton Tweeted: If restrictions are lifted, no masks etc, I’m packing my job in. I only work PT now, but there are risks and without masks etc. it’s simply not worth the risks.”

Such a shame Ms Wilton believes her colleagues may be full of disease, so much so that she is afraid she will catch something from them.

“I expect I won’t be the only one. We’re short staffed and I’ll let people down, but it’s seems selfish is the way to go.”

Not only is she leaving but she is leaving her colleagues to pick up the slack because her fear outweighs her common sense.

Annone Butler wrote: “I think many people like myself will continue to wear on public transport and in shops. And I simply won’t go into pubs/restaurants/cinemas where masks aren’t routinely worn. A lot of businesses will lose a lot of custom.”

They will only lose the custom of those too frightened to take back their lives, too conditioned by fear that they are content to give up the hard-won rights and freedoms we enjoyed prior to the pandemic.

Roger Collis: “I agree with you! (In answer to Wilton’s post) I retired early and exist on a small private pension and rapidly disappearing savings but, rather that than working closely with others given my asthma.”

At least Collis has a small pension to fall back on, some have been left with nothing, and face a very bleak future but just as long as he is okay.

And this from Sunlover 72: “I totally understand you, as someone who has a compromised immune system, I already have to dodge idiots who won’t distance or wear masks when I venture out. Masks are a tiny inconvenience”.

The amount of entitlement the above have shown is astonishing, why should others bow down to their whim. We have freedom of choice. I assume perhaps wrongly that they have been vaccinated, probably first in the queue, yet they still believe they can dictate to others. Perhaps their homes are the best place for them. To assume their fellow humans are full of disease is quite disgusting, projecting their fear onto others who choose to life their lives without fear and perhaps can see through the bullshit of the past year and a half. I feel sympathy for them, to be so fearful of a narrative given to them by the media and unscrupulous governments that they would give up their right to breath fresh air and adhere to draconian rules I fear they are in for a rude awakening. Those of us who are fighting, are fighting for them. They just don’t know it and if we fail then it will only be a matter of time before those in power come for them.


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