Government Calling!

Is this what we have to look forward to? Singer Ed Sheeran had to take a phone call from the Home Office to check he was self-isolating after coming back from the abroad.  Is this what the United Kingdom has become? ‘What next? Isolation vans being sent to a street near you?

As if it is not bad enough that we have ‘go home’ vans being driven around the streets now it would seem we could very well have isolation checks. We are now living in fascist Britain.

At least Sheeran got to go home, it would seem some are being held in a hotel at Heathrow and have to pay £1750 for the privilege.

Filmed outside the hotel by Auditing Britain being sure not to step onto airport grounds because of the bylaws that apply. We see through the lens of his camera security standing guard in their yellow vests by a large chain-linked fence and those having been detained exercising like they were in prison. It did not take long for security to begin asking questions, the conversation shown below.

SG: What are you filming for?

AB: I’m just documenting what is going on. These people who are walking around are these residents? (Silence from guard) listen, do they like get room service every day for £1700 pounds?

SG: said something about replenishing, it was hard to distinguish.

Joined by another security person.

SG2: Can you please stop filming?

AB: Why?

SG2: Well. you’re not allowed to film.

AB: Says who?

SG2: I’m saying.

AB: Who are you?

Security two walks away.

A few more words are exchanged until they are joined by the manager and a woman whom I assume would be his assistant.

Manager: Put your camera off for a minute while I have a chat with you.

AB: No, no, carry on.

Manager: (Looking annoyed) Put your camera off.

AB: Why?

Manager: Because I want to talk to you. These are guests of the hotel, my hotel and I’m responsible for their safety and they are complaining that you are filming – so you are not allowed to film.

AB: (inaudible)

Manager: I don’t need to tell you that, but will you please refrain from filming or I’m going to have to call the police.

AB: Okay before you do – I’d rather you didn’t waste police time… (Manager tried to interrupt) let me respond, your guests and yourself and anybody around here their safety is not in danger from me.

Manager: There personal safety (turns to woman assistant and asks her to call the police) I have asked you not to film but you are facing (again inaudible) you are in breach of several laws.

AB: Which ones?

Manager: I’ll let the police explain it to you.

AB: I’m not in breach of anything, I’m just filming.

Manager: (points to an imaginary spot outside the fence) You are on private property right there.

AB: No, no, no.

Manager: Yes, you are.

AB: This is public property, are you going to say anything.

Manager: No comment.

Woman on phone to police asks man’s name he doesn’t give it. They walk away. He speaks to the guards for a while longer, but it is much of the same. the camera goes off before the police arrive.

Another report shows a man standing behind a fence in what I would assume was the back of the hotel. In this film he is talking to a couple. This time we get a bit more information about the inside of the hotel. Residents are permitted to go outside for twenty minutes at a time. They are served aeroplane type meals three times a day. They are escorted outside by security, it’s very strict, there is security on every floor. There are four security on each floor and security in every lift. There is twenty to thirty security guards in the lobby.

At this point they are once again joined by security who tries to shut down conversation.

SG: You can’t speak to people.

Gentleman: I can’t speak to people, are you kidding me?

Woman: outside fence: No, no, no, excuse me, he can speak to us it’s his right they are not prisoners I’m having a conversation with him.

SG: Yeah, I know, you can just go to the office.

Woman: No, I’m talking to him.

SG: You can take permission from front because…

Man on outside: (interrupting) We don’t need permission we’re outside.

Woman: We don’t need permission.

Gentleman: I don’t need your permission to talk to somebody across the fence.

Woman: No, know our rights.

SG: (To gentleman) I not allow you to talk to them.

Gentleman: I can talk to whoever I want to talk to, (Security protests) (Gentleman, voice slightly raised.) Yes, I can.

SG: You (inaudible) before I report you before I report you.

Woman: Please find his name, this is wrong, you cannot tell him who he can and cannot speak to.

SG: If I am wrong you can go to the office and…

Woman: We don’t need to go anywhere; we’re having a discussion thank you.

Gentleman: Now you understand, yeah?

Woman: My goodness and that’s the £1750 pounds – we’re so sorry, look after yourself.

One of the most disturbing videos I have seen involved a 13-year-old boy with autism who has been left alone in the hotel as the conversation will show. The aunt is standing outside the hotel looking up and we can see the boy at the window, the aunt of the person filming was taken to hospital leaving the boy alone.

Woman: I am calling for Liz Smith who is head of the medical team to come outside, I have spoken to…on Friday, she has done nothing about it. My cousin is very distressed. They have said we can wave to him from a window. He is clearly being kept here as a prisoner.

The boy is in a room by himself and has two security guards posted outside the door, aunt brought food as the food there is not fit for someone with diabetes also, they have to monitor what he eats as he is autistic, and foods trigger his behaviour. Aunt reassured by Liz Smith who is the head of the department for health and social justice that they would make sure that aunt and cousin were okay. This is clearly a money-making scheme.

By the evidence so far it would seem to be a way in which to make money from the public. The treatment of those guests is worrying as it would seem they are not permitted to leave. Although one couple did just that. Packed their bags and walked out of a hotel all of which was documented. I tired to find the video to transcribe the exact events as they happened however, what I can recall from the video is the couple walking from their room bags packed, and although security approached, they did nothing to prevent them leaving.

As of today, I do not know if this is still going on I would imagine it is. Clearly there are two sets of rules, one for elites like politicians to fly in and out without having to quarantine and then there are the rest of the population who do. The us and them is prominent, elites do not have to wear masks but those serving them drinks do.

Just when will those still tuned to the moon wake up to the fact that our rights and freedoms are being taken. How much money have the elites made out of this so-called pandemic? I would imagine it is in the billions. And it is only going to get worse.

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