Entitled Shits!

With rain forecast a landlord in Towcester put up a marquee intent on keeping his customers dry. Tables and chairs at the ready he stood back and smiled. Inside his pub staff were busy preparing from the day ahead. England had gotten to the final of the Euros. What should have been a day to remember turned into an absolute nightmare. Instead of welcoming guests to his pub what the landlord got was an invasion of thugs’ intent on causing havoc. From an onlooker’s perspective it looked grim, however it was nothing compared to what those who were there had to endure. 

Thugs aged between 19 to 25 took pleasure in destroying property that did not belong to them, what we saw on the outside was nothing compared to what was going on inside. As the public watched tables and chairs being destroyed, and the sides of the marquee torn down inside was much worse. The landlord who was in his sixties was put in a headlock, his wife also in her sixties and weighing a mere seven stone was thrown over benches where she sustained back injuries.  A 17-year-old teenager endured sexual comments and being grabbed and the woman who gave an account of the whole incident was punched not once but four times. And to top it off, as if that was not bad enough, the thugs then let of flair and smoke which meant the emergency services had to be called.  

What example to show the world, is it any wonder English fans get a bad name? Not all fans partake in this behaviour but the minority who do will be responsible for the majority being banned from stadiums and city centres and even from travelling abroad.  

I hope those who had to endure that thuggery make a full recovery.  

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