Empty Shelves!

For some time now, those in the independent media have warned that food shortages are coming and the reason for the shortages in the UK is a lack of lorry drivers which was confirmed to me on Saturday when I asked my local shop assistant why the shelves were empty. Seemingly Polish drivers have returned home because of Brexit leaving a lack of drivers. Another reason I am hearing is that drivers are being given money to let the food rot. Put that together with farmer being ordered by governments to destroy their crops. Whatever the reason, consumers are finding the shelves of supermarkets empty.  

With Bill Gates now being the largest farm land owner in the USA he now owns 242,000 acres of farmland enough to make him the top farmland owner in America is he buying farmland for the good of the people or is he trying to put a chokehold on the food supply to the world?  

Henry Kissinger once said: “Control oil and you control nations, control food and you control people.”  

Is this next on the list of the elite? Are they buying up farmland to the detriment of humanity? Gates is on record of believing the world is over populated and has even said in a talk that he wants depopulation. Is this their next ploy, starve humanity to death? These people will stop at nothing to have their way. What exactly do they discuss in their little meet ups? What did the world leaders have to say? What are they plotting and planning for humanity, remember they do not represent the people, they do not answer to the people it is an illusion drawn up to keep humanity at bay while the elites plot and plan our downfall and it worked, for a while at least; now people are fighting back but what are they really fighting for? What world do they want back? A world in which they are slaves? A world in which they are kept down, never to reach their full potential. A world in which they work for the very people who would keep them enslaved? 

Food shortages are coming, the threat of starvation is very real, what little food is produced will not go to the people, it will go to the elite. The people will be fed propaganda from a Complient media.  The shelves are emptying, but is it from a lack of drivers, or more an orchestrated effort by powerful people in order to continue their sick agenda?  

I will leave you to choose.  

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