Humankind will be gone!

Supermarket giant set to pilot a scheme whereby stores will be unstaffed, sounds like something from a SIFI movie. Morrison’s is set to run supermarkets where customers will be tracked by cameras. The idea is for shoppers to download an app onto their phones which they will scan before entering the store. They are then free to place items into their bag without having to head to the checkout.

If this does not tell you that we are heading into a cashless society I have no idea what will. Not only are we heading into a place where paper money will be obsolete but so to will manual labour.

On many an occasion I have been guided towards the self-checkout by some harassed assistant which I have given a polite no thanks I do not work for the company. The introduction of technology saw the demise of many jobs, from skilled to unskilled, good men and women replaced by robotic arms making cars to customers bagging and paying for their own groceries. Is it any wonder employment is in short supply? And it is only going to get worse.

Technology is moving forward at an alarming rate, soon they will be able to replace humankind with just about anything making humans obsolete. Perhaps not going to work everyday appeals to some, sitting at home all day participating in something fun instead of joining the rat race, especially if you are being paid. Sounds fantastic, what if the elite plan on replacing humans with robots? What if they plan to keep a few on standby; in case something awful happens’ like a power cut.

Technology evolves, of course it does, we went from using horse and cart, to car, we can now take to the air and fly anywhere we want, within reason. But at what cost? There is a place for technology, but when that place becomes a problem to humans, it is time to stand up. I am all for technology but I draw the line when it takes over humanity which it is destined to do if we do not put a stop to it.  

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