Saturday saw thousands take to the streets of Glasgow!

Saturday saw thousands descent on ‘freedom square’ (George Square) Glasgow to protest vaccine passports. The Scottish Government are hellbent on bringing the passports to Scotland in a bid to make sure people comply with their draconian laws.


The SNP government, who recently went into a power sharing partnership with the Scottish Green Party are to discuss the prospect of vaccine passports. A foregone conclusion as Health Secretary Humza Yousaf stated on Facebook that they would be ready to download as soon as the end of the month. Which begs the question, do we live in a democracy? Seeing as they are already preparing the downloads.

Taking to social media Yousaf said: “From today (posted 4 days ago) you can download a PDF version of your vaccine status record with QR code showing you have had your vaccine (plz get both doses for maximum protection).

If the status of your vaccine can already be downloaded, or will be ready by the end of the month, then why are politicians discussing it in parliament? Of course, it this is a foregone conclusion and very much in keeping with the mantra being put out by the rest of the world. Those who are awake can see this as being just another step closer to their one world agenda where you will “Own nothing and you’ll be happy”

Saturday raised hope in the hearts and minds of those present, being amongst likeminded people with the same goal to call out the tyrannical governments who are hellbent on bringing in the ‘Nazi’ world order which would see those hard-fought rights and freedoms taken away in the blink of an eye. All brought in under the guise of a pandemic the prove of existence has yet to be shown. All the public know of this virus is what tyrannical governments and their paid stooges have told them.

When challenged in a court of law, “Alberta, Canada –  LIFTS ALL COVID19 RESTRICTIONS –  because they can’t produce an isolated sample of SARS-CoV-2 to prove covid exists to back their mandates. Deena Hinshaw’s lawyer spoke up and said, “Well your honor, Mr. King is requesting evidence we cannot get”.

“CMOH Has No Material Evidence … to provide Mr. King for his defence, which basically means everything Patrick requested in Schedule A i.e. ‘isolation’ of the SARS-COV 2 virus that needs to be 100% isolated in order to base scientific facts on these public health acts, you don’t have material evidence for this, and they said “No.”

How can you have a vaccine for something that has not been isolated? Of course, this is not and has never been about a virus but a takeover of the world by the less than 1% and of course the rollout of a vaccine which is still in the experimental stage. The public have been cajoled, bribed, and coerced into taking a vaccine for something that has yet to prove its existence. And now they are coming for the children. 12-year-olds able to take the jab without parental consent. Which begs the question, why are governments so desperate to have you inject yourself with a vaccine you know next to nothing about? They are almost frothing at the mouth when insisting you have it.

They ignore the deaths from the vaccine, do not seem the slightest bit bothered that the Astra Zenica causes blood clots and have yet to inform the public that the Pfizer vaccine cautions against having it if you are pregnant or expect to get pregnant. Worryingly First Mister Sturgeon only last week urged pregnant women to have the vaccine.

And what of the deaths? Totally ignored, the horrendous side effects that are being reported as shown below:

MHRA Yellow Card Reporting up to 11th Aug 2021 released to the public on 19TH AUG 2021

(These are UK ONLY stats)

– Respiratory Issues   41,055

– Fatal  1,596

– Blinded  389

– Eye Injury 19,026

– Deaf  555

– Vertigo/Tinnitis  9,177

– Guillian Barre Syndrome   432

– Paralysis 1,067

– Seizures  2,661

– Tremor 11,087

– Facial Paralysis incl. Bell’s Palsy  1,576

– Strokes and CNS haemorrhages   2,489

– Acute Cardiac  14,189

– Pericarditis/Myocarditis (Heart inflammation)   647

– Myocardial Infarction & Heart Failure  726

– Anaphylaxis  1,300

– Pulmonary Embolism & Deep Vein Thrombosis  3,282

– Psychiatric Disorders  23,747

– Spontaneous Abortions 465

– Maternal deaths figures imply 16 related

– Haemorrhage 7,504

– Renal & Urinary Disorders 3,378

– Reproductive/Breast 35,010

– Headaches 107,156

– Migraine 10,682

– Vomiting  14,957

– Infections   25,685

– Herpes  4,102

– Swelling Face  1,727

– Blood Disorders. 18,089

– Skin Disorders  77,431

– Nervous System Disorders  231,995

Reports 347,032 (total people reporting injury or death)

1-in-136 people have filed a Yellow Card Adverse Event.

The vast majority don’t even know about the duty to report reactions.

It is estimated by the authorities that ONLY 0.5-10% of reactions are reported.

One death and one injury are one too many. There is not a one vaccine fits all, yet we are being coerced by government to play nice. Not content with imposing their will on adults, they are now coming after the children and do not care what happen if you roll up and taken their bloody vaccine, download their vaccine pass and be good citizens. Well, no more, time to stand up and call these people out for the fascists they are.

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