New World Order!

It has been hard to watch our brothers and sisters in Australia come under Communist rule, granted, not all of Australia are experiencing the severe lockdown, those who are have started to fight back.

Recent weeks have seen thousands of Australians take to the street to defend their rights. What was particularly sickening was seeing police dressed up in riot gear shoot rubber bullets into a crowd of peaceful protesters; what was even more horrifying was the teargassing of children. In a video’ which emerged on social media one protester demands of the police, “Who ordered this?” the blank look on his face said it all.

Australia seems to be the testing ground for the ‘New world order’ which has long been deemed a conspiracy theory. It is when Conspiracy theory becomes a fact that humankind must sit up and take notice. If governments in Australia feel confidant enough to speak openly about what they wish to impose on the public then what other draconian laws have they got planned. Perhaps they wish to bring in the following:

  1. Quarantine camps – (interment Camps)
  2. Deployed army to the street to keep people locked in their homes – (I am hearing that this may be the case in some parts of Australia.)
  3. Citizens being forced to download an app with facial recognition and location tracking – police will require you to send a photo of yourself randomly to prove your whereabouts. If you do not answer within fifteen minutes, police will be sent to find you.
  4. A new surveillance law that allows police to delete and modify files on your device and takeover social media accounts without a judges warrant.
  5. Two women were fined $1000 for talking with each other outdoors.
  6. Police patrolling children’s’ playground to make sure they aren’t playing. (I actually saw concrete blocks being erected on a skating park to prevent the children playing.)
  7. Police helicopters flying over parks blaring messages warning people not to exercise.
  8. Requirement to scan QR code to enter any playground that is open (I think this might be government run)
  9. A man was jailed for 8 months for organising a protest against the government. He was arrested and sentenced in only 24hours.
  10. Police have powers to:
    A. Break into any land, business, or vehicle with any force necessary.
    B. Older people to undergo medical tests, or treatments (Would this be with, or without their consent)
    C. Prohibit peoples movement
    D. Put people in quarantine
    E. Force people to give info. (in other words, become informants)
  11. Implement roll out of full blown social credit score System to crackdown on bad behaviour
  12. Citizens are not allowed to leave Australia

I can tick a couple of those measures off because there is footage out there. If this is all to keep the public safe then why are police brutally attacking members of the public? If this is for the good of your health, then why did four new born babies die because they could not be flown to another state for live saving medicine? This has never been about saving lives. Governments don’t care two hoots about the health of the public.

It is all about control.

Australia is not alone in this, it is happening elsewhere, here in Scotland we have just had vaccine passports voted on in parliament. We now face being arrested if we demonstrate outside Holyrood, the parliament we paid for. Australia, we see you, we are with you. Hang on in there.

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