Saturday 18th September saw those awake to the atrocities of governments around the world take to city streets in defiance. From London, to Paris, from New York, to Glasgow people exercised their right to protest. But it was the people of Australia and in particular Victoria who stood up against the brute force sent out to quell them.

Footage coming out of Australia showed peaceful protesters breakthrough police lines and continue their slow walk, however not all manage to break free of the brute force who stood either side spraying CS Gas in their direction and in one sickening incident two officers can be seen leaning over an elderly woman who had been violently pushed to the ground by police. Not satisfied with pushing her, they then proceeded to spray gas straight into her face.   

Another incident saw Builders, angered by the tyranny of governments take to the streets. Filmed by passers-by they can be seen shouting outside a building, those inside having to resort to beating them back by spraying water through the broken windows. Another incident saw scores of police cars do a U-turn and hightail it back from where they had come only to return with guns drawn aiming at the crowd of protesters nearby. One officer can be heard screaming for those gathered around, (I’m assuming they were builders) and not easily intimidate to get back, undeterred the group stood their ground. One officer aimed his gun at a protester, only for him to back down and move on when his intimidation did not work.

Another worrying sign for Australians is the fact that the New World Order is being talked about openly, for those who are aware it is nothing new, however for people not familiar with the term it can be very frightening as they come to terms with the fact that the country they love is no more. The freedoms they have taken for granted have been snatched away and in their place restrictions. The only comfort, there are good people out there fighting with more and more joining every day.

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