Humanity defeated!

Governments and their agents are desperate for their citizens to be vaccinated, so much so that they have gone from bribing to downright bullying. Why is that? Could it be that they are trying to cull of humanity? 

Those of us who are awake to this and have been for some time know that is exactly what these entities are trying to do. They create a problem, the public react, and they find a solution. In this case the problem was the coronavirus or Covid-19, the reaction, take away rights and freedoms and tell the public it is for their protection and for the protections of others, and the solution, ramp up the fear to such a pitch that the public will do anything to regain those rights and freedoms given to them by those who fought in World War Two.

This has never been about a virus; it has always been about the vaccine and more importantly the passports or to give them their proper name; certification of vaccine I.D. If governments around the world had informed the public of the plan there would have been hell to pay, therefore, they had to tread carefully, take away the rights and freedoms one by one. The totalitarian tiptoe is the world domination method of encroachment on civil liberties and freedoms, used by a small group of people who want to control the world. Their end game being that of a unified fascist World Government, a World Bank, World Police Force, World Army etc.

In March 2020 when Covid 19 arrived in the United Kingdom governments put their plan into action. First it was three weeks of lockdown to flatten the curve, which turned into three months. Then it was the mandating of face coverings in public spaces and standing on dots in supermarkets. All while ramping up the fear factor. We had Johnson and Sturgeon giving daily updates on the number of deaths while the media, who should be holding them to account aided in ramping up that fear. Cue another lockdown just in time for the great news of vaccines being produced to combat the virus. What they hadn’t banked on however, was the intelligence of the public who began to do their own research. Research that included a look into the numbers of deaths in 2020 being less than the number of deaths reported in Scotland in 2018. Therein lies the problem. Governments could not let the public derail a plan they had worked so hard on therefore those who begun to question the narrative were deemed conspiracy theorists. Those who questioned the use of vaccines that are still in the trial stages portrayed as nutjobs who were out to cause trouble. The vaccines were to be rolled out regardless. It did not matter a jot that they were still in the trial stages. The vast majority of public were deemed stupid and would do whatever the likes of Sturgeon or Johnson tell them.

Coercion is nothing to those pushing the narrative, take the jab so you can go and see Granny in her care home. Take the jab to be able to go on holiday. Double jabs were supposed to be the limit. Now we are having the booster shot and all the adverse reactions that go with these vaccines.

Not long after the December 2020 rollout, news began to emerge that all was not well, people were suffering from ‘mild’ side effects. What the media was not telling, was just how horrendous the side effects are as shown in the table below:

Raspatory Issues41,055
Eye Injury19,026
Guillain Barre Syndrome432
Facial Paralysis/including Bell’s palsy1,576
Strokes and CNS Haemorrhages2,489
Acute Cardiac14,189
Pericarditis/Myocarditis (Heart Inflammation)647
 Myocarditis & Heart Failure726
Pulmonary Embolism & Deep Vein Thrombosis3,282
Psychiatric Disorders23,747
Spontaneous Abortions465
Maternal death figures imply16 Related
Renal and Unitary Disorders3,378
Reproductive Breast35,010
Facial Swelling18,089
Skin Disorders77,431
Nerves System Disorders231,995

Reports in total (so far) – 347,032 and they are rolling this out to the children. Since corelating these figures, adverse reactions have shot up and now stand at 1, 102,228

Below is a table showing the comprising between the deaths of the vaccinated to the unvaccinated in England alone.

Credit goes to the person who made the graph.

Surely this proves that those who received the vaccine are at higher risk of dying than those who chose not to!

And this from the USA.

Credit goes to the person who made the graph

Now they are coming for the children. Coercing with bribes placing vaccine buses in colleges as one mother described “He had a great fresher’s week, plenty of fun, oh and there was a bus so he could go and get jabbed too”

And this sent out recently from the NHS:

Note there is nothing on there that indicates covid, or any health issued. I especially like the “Continue to enjoy recently restored freedoms and avoid further lockdowns. Our freedoms were were taken and will not be given back no matter how many vaccine boosters we take.

The totalitarian tiptoe is more of a sprint and will become a gallop until full totalitarianism is achieved, then it will be game over; humanity defeated.

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  1. When a people forget, or never knew, true freedom, what happened in the past to bring about real freedom, or the importance of thinking for yourself with responsibility, what we see happens. All one has to do, if they’re willing, is research past countries that went from free to tyranny. Citizens in communist nations, the ones who are aware and love freedom, know what’s happening here, many wondering why we are so ignorant. But it happens to every country when a people forget. **Eventually, we’ll all understand, and this won’t turn around easily. It can’t. Unfortunately, it has to get worse: much worse. Fortunately, that is the impetus for people to wake up and begin the long road to freedom. We can’t predict how that will look, for it’s always in real time . Prayers.


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