Global giant Facebook goes down taking sister sites Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp with it.

Users of Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger took to twitter to question why they were unable to access the social media sites. Reports began emerging around 11.30am on the USA’s west coast when users found they could not view posts or send messages. The social media giant rushed to restore order amid fears of an attack, however insiders were quick to dismiss the downtime came from outside.

Facebook, which has come under fire recently as whistleblowers come forward to inform the public of what is really going on. The latest being Frances Haugen, a production manager who left the company recently and is due at a senate hearing where she plans to urge lawmakers to regulate the social media group more tightly.

It would seem Ms Haugen does not like misinformation seeping out onto the social media platform and would like our freedom of speech curtailed even further – well in the USA at least. Here in Scotland, we do not need whistleblowers for that. We have our very own Scottish Government who seem to have a problem with our speaking the truth and have even drawn up a Hate Crime Bill to counter it.

The downing of Facebook brought with it plenty of conspiracy theories as to what and why this happened. With everything from it being a ‘white hat’ operation to an insider deleting large swarths of files which meant Facebook not only being down but being gone forever. Funnily enough, it seemed to come back quickly after that.

The downtime lasted a meagre six hours or there about, just long enough for them to do whatever they needed to do and whatever files they needed restored or could leave unrestored. Whatever the reason be it an outside cyber attack or inside job. It created a huge distraction from whatever else is going on in the world, possibly between China and Taiwan.

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