What is the biosphere and why is it collapsing?

The biosphere, according to National Geographic, “is made up of the parts of the earth where life exists. The biosphere extends from the deepest root systems of trees to the dark environment of ocean trenches, to lush forests and high mountain tops.” The biosphere is all living things.

The earth is divided into spheres, the solid surface of the earth is known as the lithosphere, the atmosphere, the layer of air that stretches above the lithosphere; the earths water – on the surface, in the ground and in the air makes up the hydrosphere. Since life exists on the ground, air and in the water the biosphere overlaps all of them. Everything and everyone living together in harmony, or that is how it should be.

Humans are responsible for what we are witnessing today. The collapse of the biosphere, from pollution, toxic waste that is thrown up into the atmosphere which damages the biosphere by killing living organisms, such as 800 tons of dead fish being washed up on Florida’s Gulf Coast, tests of which showed traces of Karenia Brevis, a toxic fish-killing algae, or flycatchers, swallows, and warblers being among the species of birds that fell from the sky in a mass die-off across New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Arizona and as far north as Alaska. Historical fires across Western States of the US could have meant that birds had to re-route away from coastal areas which were rich in food. Whether it be toxic algae, a re-route due to wildfires, or adverse weather – all are not good for the biosphere.

It is not only lithosphere that can affect the biosphere, but hydrosphere can also be just as dangerous when water evaporates and rainwater falls on the biosphere, if it rains too hard rivers can overflow which could cause damage to habitats.

Climate change is another danger to the biosphere, whether it be outside influences or mother nature, changed in temperature can have a detrimental effect such as the wildfires in California and New South Wales with a loss to life, habits and forestry, or the eruption of volcanos spouting lava, earthquakes, and floods and not to mention endless wars with bombs dropped. Is it any wonder the biosphere is in collapse?   Is it beyond repair? Perhaps, but we could learn to take care of our environment instead of killing it. Replenish where trees have been cut down, providing there is no house on the land the tree once occupied and take care of wildlife.

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