Massive push of the kill shots!

This week saw Billionaire Bill Gates take a trip to London. Gates who has spoken openly about the reduction of the population said this “The world today has 6.8 billion people… now if we do a really good job on vaccines, health care reproductive health services, we could lower that by 10 or 15 percent” 

What exactly did he mean by reproductive health services? I shall leave you to make your own conclusion, however one way in which to reduce the worlds population is sterilisation. I am in no way saying Gates would do such a thing, I am merely stating an opinion.

Fact checking sites are going overboard to debunk the myth that Gates wants to see the population reduced by quite a substantial number, however, in his TED talk of 2010 titled “innovating to Zero” four minutes in Gates discussed ways to reduce carbon emissions and suggested that one way was by reducing population growth through improving healthcare.  

Does this sound like a man who cares deeply for the public? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has pledged billions of dollars in vaccination programmes across the world.

 The people of India have called for Gates’s arrest over alleged violations of medical ethics and laws by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; so incensed were they that #arrestbillgates trended on Indian twitter. The people of India have called on their government to arrest the billionaire for conducting illegal medical trials on the vulnerable in two Indian states as reported in the Diplomat.

Clearly this man has a problem with population growth, fact-checkers can downplay this all they want but the fact remains, he has stated that the world is overpopulated and would like to see it downgraded. Of course, there is no mention of the earth being overpopulated with greedy money grabbing power hungry billionaires who fly around in their private jets polluting the air, oh no, downgrading and stepping off the planet is for others. Is it any wonder people the world over, on learning what the United Nations Agenda really is have taken to the streets? Is it any wonder that citizens whose rights and freedoms have been taken by governments surrounded the car of a billionaire, with chants of ‘arrest Bill Gates?  

Gates visit with The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnston coincided with the impromptu press conference by health secretary Sajid Javid who promptly informed the public of the new covid pills, in addition to the pills there are the boosters. What was very apparent however, was the reinforced message to the unvaccinated and the encouragement of family to put pressure on their loved ones to get jabbed asap.

It has become apparent that this has NEVER been about a so-called virus. As far as I am aware not one person has died from covid alone. There are those with underlying health issues who sadly passed away after catching what governments and scientists deem to be covid 19. But what exactly is covid 19? The amount of time governments and scientist have spent informing the public we should all be experts on the subject, but are we? They say follow the science but where, where is the science? For almost two years the public have been subjected to the biggest form of psychological abuse undertaken by billionaires and their minion governments doing their dirty work and the law enforcement or as we say here in Glasgow the ‘polis’ doing the dirty work of governments and scientist. This is the biggest psy-op on the public that I have ever seen. All out war and the prize, the full capture of humanity. And all to bring in their New World Order, where you will own nothing, and you will be happy.

The mass world-wide vaccination program is not going to plan, there are still too many humans holding out and more and more eyes opening every day. The mere fact that in the United Kingdom the lack of uptake of these vaccines, or ‘kill shots’ as they are referred to by some, is a particular worry for these psychopaths who are applying more and more pressure on the public. And the mere fact that the Coronavirus Act states quite clearly that they have the power to come into your home and remove you to a centre if you test positive. The fact that this Act was renewed without parliamentary scrutiny or even a vote having taken place should be a red flag to that we no longer live in a democracy.

Governments the world over are out of control and desperate to bring an end to this farce. They ware way behind on their timetable for the extinction of humanity and are becoming more and more despite to enact their New World Order. The only thing standing in their way is we, the people, those of us refusing their kill shots.

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