World Leaders fly into Glasgow but did they receive a warm welcome?

Glasgow’s SSEC and surrounding area has been taken over by the United Nations!

The people of Glasgow and the rest of Scotland were informed that their beloved SSEC the place that has seen many a concert has now been declared the property of the UN. As Cop 26 got underway the people were informed that their beloved concert hall was no longer part of Glasgow and was indeed part of the United Nations. This should concern everyone who believes in freedom. When world leaders gather and literally take over part of a country with little to no resistance then they can take over practically anything. Why they feel the need to do this should have every citizen asking questions. They have made no secret of their arrival, the private jets were everywhere, and the huge motorcades announce the arrival of the great and the good, only, are they?

Why all the secrecy? World leaders meeting to discuss climate change. Yes, the climate is changing, volcanos, earthquakes, floods, fires are only a fraction of the changes. I have never seen several volcanic eruptions, never have I seen this number of earthquakes. We have birds falling from the sky, scores of fish perishing in the sea. It does not take a genius to work out that something is wrong with the planet.

Climate change is rammed down our throats daily by the very people who have consistently polluted the air we breathe with chemicals, with bombs, with anything that they can get their hands on to further their own evil agenda. Yes, there is climate change, and we must share some of the blame however, if we are to adhere to what our leaders have in store then they must be consistent. They say plastic is a major problem but are still happy to make it, plastic bags, why are they still making them? They recently increased the price of a plastic bag from 5p to 10p but have not brought in an alternative and where have all the 10p gone? To saving the planet. I doubt it.

I dread to think what the world’s leaders will have in store for the public when Cop 26 concludes, one thing we can be sure off, they will have come up with new ways to fleece the public out of millions. Where will that money go, possibly into the back pockets of the CEOs of the corporatocracy.

Cop 26, an investigation on new ways to cash in on a manmade crisis, where the public will be expected to toe the line, where the use of cars to get around will become bad, where electric cars will be held up as the best thing since slice bread. You can rest assured, if you drive a car, it will be made very difficult for you to drive unless you have one of the cars, they deem suitable, gone will be the days of getting into your car to go anywhere you like, car free zones will pop up where only the elite will be permitted to drive.

The carpet-to-carpet coverage of the arrival of world leaders was sickening, the massive motorcade of Joe Biden President of the United States of America was something to be seen only the good folk of Glasgow gave it a miss.  Shiny black cars on the surrounding streets scrambling for somewhere to park, sat with engines running, possibly to keep warm as the great Scottish weather turned out in force to welcome everyone, the chill like ice on the body.

Photo-ops galore, masks on, masks off, it really was quite something to see. All in unison, the relief not to be muzzled for longer than was necessary, I bet staff working at the event were not warranted the same courtesy. Images flashed across our screens of world leaders’ their eyes tired from all those flashing lights. One wonders if they will remain awake long enough to make any decisions. Of course, Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, uninvited to the main event because, quite frankly she is not a world leader, was there to welcome the minions, one of which was Greta Thunberg who it would seem invited herself, who was later to be seen in a video posting on social media singing through a microphone. “You can shuve your climate crisis up your arse” which is a bit concerning as she pushes the climate change any chance she gets. It could be that she was standing among other young activists all urging her to sing.

Most concerning was a re-route through Kelvingrove Park in the pitch dark, woman being directed by Police Scotland who issued an apology when complaints from women depicting the fear of not being able to see one foot in front of the other as they made the slow walk home.

Cop 26 has been an absolute farce from day one, from delegates being kept waiting outside in the bitter cold unable to gain access to the SECC for hours. Hundreds of police lining both sides of the street, their backs to the road facing the non-existent crowd, the good people of Glasgow sticking two fingers up at the great and the good, captured by one woman recording the scene from her window. Cop 26 has been a stunt from the start, with world leaders flying to Glasgow, staying over for one day then flying out again. Their minions left to do the real work.

The people of Scotland are not usually this indifferent to people, we are a warm and welcoming people, except with it comes to those we deem to be a waste of time and energy. The only ones who seem to be wetting themselves with excitement are the media. But then again, they usually do. Only time will tell what evil has been discussed, what plans they have for humanity, one thing you can rest assured, saving the planet will not be top of the bill. Scrounging off of it, well that will be front and centre.

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