‘Resit Defy Do Not Comply’

The people of Glasgow woke Saturday to find the streets shrouded in freezing fog but that did not deter them from travelling to the city centre in a show of defiance at the latest tyrannical measures being meted against the public.

Omicron has gained traction and is now running rampant all over the world if the bought and paid for media is to be believed.  Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has had a busy week appearing in front of the cameras to tell the people of Scotland how bad it all is and how we should all cancel parties and stay at home. But that did not discourage those who came from far and wide and from all walks of life. While Sturgeon was at home reading one of the many books, she has in her collection thousands took to the streets to send a great big message of noncompliance.

Picture Credit Winstina Smith 1984

A steady pace from Glasgow Green through the city streets busy with Christmas shoppers saw some of them join the procession, the toot of car horns in agreement of the stance of noncompliant from those gathered. Reports from TikTok were that drivers were parking their cars and falling into step with their fellow citizens. With chants of ‘ye can shuve yer vaccine passport up yer erse.’ and ‘Resist, defy do not comply’ as they made their way passed George Square.

The awakening of the Scottish public has taken longer because Sturgeon and the SNP had spent years building trust, therefore when covid-19 hit the public believed every word that came out of the First Minister’s mouth in the mistaken belief that all the measures taken were to keep them safe. When what was really happening was the blatant taking away of our rights and freedoms, only to be given back if we complied, which seems a buzz word Sturgeon uses frequently. Wear a mask, stand on a dot in the supermarket, get the vaccine, get the booster. Comply, comply, comply. You cannot comply your way out of tyranny, the more rights you give up, the more that will be taken.

Time is of the essence, time to stand up and be counted, if you are in Scotland and can get to Edinburgh on 25th January 2022 for 1pm, get there, bring the flag to represent your country and stand with the people of Scotland. Details nearer the time. This will not stop until we stand up and take back our god given rights and freedoms. They do not belong to puppet governments who are being controlled by a cabal of evil people whose agenda will not benefit humanity, it will destroy it!

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