Latest news coming from Royal sources is that her Majesty the Queen has covid, is London Bridge about to fall?

Operation London Bridge is the plan for what happens in the United Kingdom and overseas territories when the death of the Queen is announced. It also depicts what will happen in the immediate aftermath. Given the recent suggestion that the Duchess of Cornwall should become queen in the event of Charles taking the thrown I ask, is her Majesty about to bow out of her seventy-year reign?

If footage recently released is anything to go by, the answer may be yes, there are those who believe the Queen is invincible and will reign forever, however, there are some who think she is putting her affairs in order before she takes that final bow.

Perhaps loosing her lifelong partner last year took more of a toll on her than was first reported, she certainly has been preparing the country, (England) for her departure, that said, the mere suggestion of Camilla becoming Queen has not gone down well in some corners of the globe, in fact, some still see her as the spoke in the Charles and Diana wheel, however, others are indifferent to it all.

Time will tell whether her Majesty can weather the covid storm.

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  1. She will down load her conciesness to that poor baby Lilibet!
    That’s what I believe to happen.
    And the world will fall
    Evil, evil, and beyond evil!
    Her and the Pie, and all the following bloodlines in politics needs to go and set us freedom
    They won’t escape the wrath of the almighty, as I know we been lied to for Centuries, enough is enough!!


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