There is Fear and then there is…

I would really like to believe that the above is a joke, someone taking fear porn to the absolute limit. However, I do not think it is the case. Not when the world has gone stark raving mad and taken half the population with it. I used to have hope for those who are still inside the matrix but now I just feel sorry for them.

Last week saw the restrictions cease in Scotland. However, I did not hold out much hope of seeing my fellow citizens exercise their right to breath fresh air. Instead, what I saw were people still under the great big jackboot of authority, brainwashed into submission. Yet I guess I should not have been surprised to see such behaviour when for just over two years we have suffered nothing but fear and propaganda from both our elected representatives and their media lackies.

Partygate has become the flavour of the month with the loudest voices being heard. “I had to say goodbye to my mother over the phone.” A young man took to twitter to say, his words echoed by others who were in a comparable situation. Yet none have the intellect to stop and think this through. Johnston and his posse of posh gits did not seem the least concerned that the deadliest of deadly viruses was sweeping the United Kingdom which begs the question, just how dangerous was this virus.

With covid figures reaching monumental heights and some citizens of the UK on their fourth jab, how can this still be a thing. Time to take a step back and ask ourselves, if our elected representatives do not seem to be the least afraid of a health crisis, then why should we? It is time to stand up and claim our back our freedoms. Our lives do not belong to a bunch of greedy elites who are hellbent on destroying them.

If you wish to give into the fear that is for you, however, take a step back and ask yourself, if I have done everything asked of me, if I have taken every vaccine available and I catch the very thing I am vaccinated against then what has this all been for?

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