The Systematic takedown of our NHS

The one thing the Conservative government have wanted to do was sell off the National Health Service to their greedy mates in America. When David Cameron addressed Tory conference 2006 and assured them that our NHS was safe in his hands, he was not trying to reassure the people, he was telling the vultures in America that when they were back in power the NHS was theirs to do with what they wish. Since 2010 when indeed the Tories were back in power one of the first things, they did was tear up the Health and Social Care Act. Washing their hands of any responsibility for the health of the public. In an interview during the Scottish independence referendum, The SNPs Dr Philippa Whiteford reckoned it would take five years for the NHS to be privatised in England and ten for Scotland. Seems Ms Whiteford’s calculations were not far off.

The NHS is in an absolute state, not only in England and Wales but in Scotland also and before the unionists among us start screeching that the NHS is devolved to Scotland and that Nicola Sturgeon has singlehandedly destroyed the health service just hang fire. What happens to the English NHS has a knock-on effect in Scotland, in other words, if money is taken out of the health service in England it affects the money that is allocated to Scotland.

Now here we are over ten years later, and the NHS is in crisis, this is not the fault of the doctors and nurses, nor is it the fault of the ambulance service that waiting times are through the roof. It is the fault of greedy overpaid privileged morons who think nothing for others. They have been brought up to believe that they are better than everyone else. So, what if granny has to wait over 24hours for an ambulance or if wee Johnny is sick with a fever. They simply do not give two flying figs about the public. They have systematically brought the NHS to its knees so they can ride in on their big white chargers to save the day and of course we have idiots chomping at the bit to see the health service privatised. “I don’t mind paying a bit more if it means getting seen quicker.” Cries that gentleman who is used to dipping his hand in his pocket. What he does not realise is that as soon as payment is made treatment will not be free at the point of use. You will leave your credit card at the reception or worse, be asked for your medical insurance and of course there will be those who can afford hefty premium payments for their insurance until they realise their stay in hospital is going to cost an arm and a leg and then there are those who cannot afford to pay upfront, what happens to them? What happens to those who can only afford the minimum payment whose child then gets ill are they to sell everything they own to get medical care for their child.

It is far too late. The time for saving the NHS is gone. We should have done it years ago. The vultures are circling awaiting the final blow by then it will be gone and with it an institution that was loved by many.  While we were all preoccupied with love island, the Conservative government were busy selling the one thing that we could rely on. Well done everyone, we really missed the boat on this one.

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