It’s not just Rufus and Saber that will have a microchip, if the World Economic Forum have their way So will Erin and Alfred.

We all knew the WEF were coming for the children, this is just the latest their evil plan has to offer. In a blog post on Schwab’s World Economic Forum it would be solid and reasonable to microchip children. Scientist Kathleen Philips believes mainstream culture and influencers will help promote implanted chips as a must have fashion accessory. This is just another sinister ploy by the New World Order, you will own nothing, and you will be happy.  

This is not new, this has been going on for a while, thousands of microchips are getting under the skin of those in Sweden who have been browbeaten into submission by employers etc. However, this is the first time I believe that the WEF has openly suggested it for children.  

People have taken to twitter to air their views on the matter with many parents saying ‘no, absolutely not’ my concern is that this will be aimed at teenagers, especially if influencers are offered big pay-outs to promote something they themselves deem as nothing more than a fashion accessory.  

Microchipping children is very dangerous not to mention sinister, are they chips or are they tracking devices, on paper having your child tracked everywhere may look good but is it, what of their right to privacy.  

Microchipping every citizen in the world is something very real, if they can microchip you, they can off you at the drop of a hat. Just another sinister plan from a group of very evil people.  

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