Forty-Five Days!

Liz Truss must be one of the worse Prime Minister’s the United Kingdom has ever seen. Lasting just forty-five days, this must rank as one of Truss’ most embarrassing moments. However, she must not shoulder that embarrassment alone, for those who backed her must hang their heads in shame. Unless of course there was an ulterior motive for such and endorsement?

Forty-Five days of utter chaos where Truss saw her economic plan go up in flames as soon as it happened. The sacking of two of the most senior government ministers and a ‘donnybrook’ in the House of Commons as ministers were bullied and almost dragged into the voting lobby. Not a great look for the United Kingdom on the world stage.

Scenes that emerged from the voting lobby were reminiscent of a pack of hounds surrounding a fox. It is said that Tory MPs was shouted at and manhandled into government voting lobby as described by SNP’s David Linden. “Just watched the deputy Prime Minister [Therese Coffey] practically pick up a hesitant Tory MP and march him into the lobby.” Adding, “Astonishing”

And this from the Green’s Caroline Lucas, “the Chief Whip has resigned, her government is dissolving, this is dangerous: we have a rabble of people fighting like rats in a sack – whilst people up and down the country are under unbearable economic strain.”

The chaos left media pundits guessing just what was going on, Chief Whips resigning then un resigning, was it a vote of fracking or a confidence vote, it was anyone’s guess at that point, until news broke in the early hours of the morning that it was a confidence vote and those who did not vote with the government would be disciplined if they did not have a good reason. Well, not being sure what they were voting for would be reason enough not to vote. The Downing Street light was burning well into the night; least they can afford to put on their electricity.

Now the United Kingdom have one week to install a new Prime Minister with many of the grandees who stood for PM before throwing their hats into the ring. With except for Jeremy Hunt, perhaps, Jeremy knows something we do not. Perhaps, he has been given assurances that his position is safe.

No matter who the Tories vote for, one thing remains. The United Kingdom is about to go over an economic cliff where it is those with the least who will suffer the consequences once again. They all need sacking, they do not work for us, it is just a pity the public do not see this.

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